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The Health Unlimited Staff.

We are continuously evolving, finding cutting-edge products that work. We’ve created a store environment that is eco-friendly, fun, inviting, unique, comfortable, nurturing, and educational. Our customers are the most important part of our business, but we would be nothing without the employees you've come to know, love, and (most importantly) trust.


Richard Kraus


Rick was born into the Health Unlimited Family. His parents founded HU with the desire to help people improve their daily regimens and deal with health challenges.
At the age of 13 he was experimenting making his own fresh juices with a Norwalk juice press, blending smoothie concoctions with brewer’s yeast and lecithin granules and taking handfuls of supplements with every breakfast. He played on his College tennis team , majored in nutrition and took over the family business in 1982.


Jason Schoen

Book Manager

Jason Schoen has worked in the natural health industry for 20 years and has been with Health Unlimited since 2013. He is a graduate of the American Institute of Vedic studies where he obtained a certification as an Ayurvedic Lifestyle and Diet Consultant. The name Jason means healer. As his namesake suggests he has committed his life to helping himself, and others transition into and maintain new vistas of well-being.


Calhoun Stallings

Bulk Herb Manager

Calhoun grew up eating the Standard American Diet. When Cahoun took my first nutritional supplement at 32, it was amazing! Calhoun enrolled in herbal medicine school, graduated and started working at Health Unlimited. Here, Calhoun enjoys helping people realize better health possibilities.

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Nick Landt

Product Manager

Nick has been in the natural foods industry since 2011 and has been with Health Unlimited since 2015. He’s a wearer of many hats, a Renaissance man & master guitarist. He has a diplomas an Ayurvedic health practitioner from the Natural Healing College. He has a vast understanding of healing from the modern biochemical perspective to the ancient spiritual side of the equation and has been on a lifelong journey of finding equilibrium in his own body due to being diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis at birth.

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Greg Walkup

General Health Enthusiast

Greg has over 20 years experience in the nutraceutical industry.  His areas of interest include pain management, CBD, memory & mood support, immune defense, & sports supplements.

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Rhabia Amin


Rhabia Amin has been in the natural health world for over 20 years. She has been thrilled to bring her experience to Health Unlimited. As a long time, manager at Rainbow Natural Foods, she developed valuable knowledge about nutraceuticals and nutrition. Rhabia is passionate about natural skincare, women's health, and endocrine disorders. She believes every person can find a path to wellness inside and out through a balance of supplements, herbs, diet, exercise and mental health. Rhabia loves finding that unique balance for every customer.

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Nancy Kraus

General Health Enthusiast

Nancy Kraus is Rick’s sister and for over thirty years Nancy has helped run Health Unlimited. Rick joined the family business in the early 80’s and Nancy came on board in 1989.
Nancy came from a liberal arts background. Her interest in nutrition was practical. She had been a sickly child, had terrible eczema and a weakened immune system. If she ate consciously and supplemented her diet she felt great and avoided the health issues that had plagued her as a child.
Nancy is an observer. When working with our customers she will be asking questions and observing answers. Her interests range from wound healing and skin rashes to cat health and menopause.

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Jessica Lawrence

General Health Enthusiast

I enjoy learning & expanding through helping others discover  & heal through nutrition & all things holistic wellness.


Nate James

General Health Enthusiast

Husband, Father of four, Love to smile, always keeping with the positive energy. A true advocate for others. Love sports and living Health Unlimited.

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