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Rick’s chores as a tween included filling 45 empty glass gallon jugs with with water from a natural spring in a very rural part of Lithonia.  Don’t try explaining to an officer in the backwoods of Lithonia why your station wagon is filled with 45 glass bottles of clear liquid!  Rick’s interest in a healthy lifestyle came from this early exposure and also from a genuine love for connecting people with the right remedy for them.

Customers wonder sometimes why there are 14 brands of Folate, or 60 different Adrenal formulas.  Rick likes to say that people are like snowflakes….very much alike but also totally unique.  Our focused, high-quality, but wide selection of supplements insures having the right one for you. 

Since 1968...Our roots run deep.

When Richard Kraus took over the store it was in a 650-square-foot rented space in the Toco Hills Shopping Center.  It has now expanded to over 3,000 sq. ft. in its own building across the street from the shopping center.  Our range of products has expanded, too, and now includes Aromatherapy, Homeopathy, Ayurvedics, Traditional Chinese Formulas, Beauty Care/Makeup, Crystals, Incense, Gifts, and Pet Care.


One thing has never changed: we still offer incomparable service to all customers.  Although the store is located in Northeast Atlanta, many people in Jonesboro, Alpharetta, and Canton consider Health Unlimited to be their store.

Rick has been regularly interviewed by CNN and local ABC, NBC and CBS affiliates as a reliable source on various health issues.  


That's our story - come on in and tell us yours!

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STORE HOURS  M-F   10AM-7PM   SAT    10AM-6PM   SUN   12PM-6PM

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