We are continuously evolving, finding cutting-edge products that work. We’ve created a store environment that is eco-friendly, fun, inviting, unique, comfortable, nurturing, and educational. Our customers are the most important part of our business, but we would be nothing without the employees you've come to know, love, and (most importantly) trust.



Health Unlimited is a health food store like no other!

Our Super-Star Staff


Nick jumped onboard recently and brings with him 4 years of experience in the natural health field and 12 years of guitar-playing!  He specializes in the Ayurvedic system of healing, which makes him an even more exciting addition to the HU team.  Nick is an identical twin who rocks out with BearKnuckle on the regular.  


Dana has graced Health Unlimited with her presence for 20 years now - my how the time flies!  She is a manager, a fair-trade organic coffee connoisseur, a long-time strict vegetarian (and consequently iron expert!), and dedicated beyond measure to giving customers the best service possible.  Chances are, if you shop here, you know and love Dana!

Penney B.

Jason S.

Jason S., also known as the other Jason, is a true Jason in his own right.  He brings a quiet humility with his years of experience in all things healthy, so don’t let him fool you!  He is a new dad, a vegan, a bit of a jokester, and a terrific guy all-around. 

Jason W.

Jason is known far and wide for being encyclopedic in his knowledge of natural health, astrology, and bizarre facts, but did you know he can recite all that information in 17 dialects and 3 (not exactly fluent...) languages???  Well, it's true.  Jason has been an asset to Health Unlimited for many years, and when he isn't showing his Japanimation-style drawings at local art galleries, he can be found playing natural health superhero to the many customers who have come to trust his guidance.  Any why not trust a guy who can tell you exactly who would win in a showdown between Flash and Green Lantern?


Jessica grew up with herbs and supplements and can recall hiding her vitamins at 3 years old to avoid taking them!  Much has changed since her dad first introduced holistic practices and natural medicine, which have been a part of her life for as long as she can remember.  She has a particular fondness for energetic medicine and her favorite areas of focus are cleansing/detoxification and anything that yields rejuvenation and “whole body glowiness!”  Jessica loves helping people who are motivated and open to a new way of healing to transform their lives the natural way.  

Laura V.

Laura V. is also a long-time favorite at HU, with 10 years under her belt!  Laura is the queen of bulk herbs and handles all the shipping to our customers who can’t make it to the store.  She is small but she is mighty; she’s the glue that gets us through.  Laura loves helping customers and customers love Laura!


As you may have already learned by reading our story, Nancy's path to natural health started right at home.  Nancy can be found quietly and kindly helping customers hone in on the right formulas to help them move forward into more vibrant living and onto a stronger foundation of good health.  


Nancy's passions (besides art and long, leisurely walks) are immunity and natural support for women of all stages of life.  It must also be said that her prowess with eczema is respected from the A-T-L to the north Georgia mountaintops (and maybe beyond).  She knows things...


Rick & Andi

When Noreen isn't sailing the seven seas for her job as a flight attendant, she can be found buzzing about the store, cheering people up with her help, yes, but also with her unexpected wry humor and lilting Irish-cum-English accent.  Noreen's demeanor is a pillar on busy weekends at HU, and her willingness to help and sincere sense of compassion have uplifted customers for years.


Rick's story is deeply entwined in "our story," but there's more to him than just a pretty face.  He has extensive knowledge in every corner of the store (ok, we will leave the bath and beauty section expertise to his wife, Andi, who selflessly samples products for review), from Chinese herbs and Ayurveda to liver support and weight loss.  Rick is constantly reading and researching natural remedies as new information is revealed... it is this undivided attention to his trade that keeps Rick on his game.  


Dara is friend to all beings everywhere, and if you want to know the latest and greatest in our grocery section (hello, healthy fair-trade, organic chocolate!), she's your BEST friend.  She is a plant-whisperer as well and has been known to sketch out an edible garden or two in her spare time.  All around, this woman lives for the give - even if you're a feral cat, Dara will have you purring in no time. 


Lynn has been with us for years, and even found her husband at Health Unlimited!  Lynn is a hard worker, attends trainings with companies whose products we carry, and her interest in aromatherapy led her to become our in-house representative for Young Living.  She has worked as a stunt person and has a background in fitness, making her a great person to field all of your weight loss and fitness questions - whether you're a fitness pro or are just dipping your toe in for the first time, Lynn will help you get where you're trying to go.

Penney is a gentle spirit who is detail-oriented and environmentally conscious... more than conscious... passionate!  She is an animal whisperer, a culinary wizard, and she loves to work with medicinal teas.  Oh, and her smile is warm like her heart!